How to Make Pen Drive Bootable?

How to make Pen Drive Bootable? Process is Given below to Make Pen Drive Bootable

To make a pen drive bootable, you should format your pen drive then install the boot files into pen drive. The next thing to do is to configure PC to allow you to boot from pen drive. This all can be done with computer’s BIOS system. BIOS stand for boot input/output program and it is integrated on PC.

Go to BIOS setup and verify all USB options are enabled like "legacy USB devices or support for USB 2.0". Now you have to find the section on boot device priority, set the pen drive’s boot priority higher then hard drive’s priority. How pen drive make bootable? Query is resolved through lines given above. Do you want to know how data can be recovered from a pen drive with outside tool?

Save Data to Get Ruined in Pen Drive with Tool: A third party solution named Pen drive data Recovery is appropriate to renovate data from pen drive. Demo version is available to clear your doubts regarding features and process of recovery of data from pen drive. Process also provides a preview of recoverable data but for saving recovered data you must follow full version of product.

Download free trial – Trial version will scan and show the recovered files of USB flash drive but will not save them. Further for saving, you may buy the FULL version of Pen drive recovery software only at $39 and get the satisfactory results.

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